Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The "Real" Story

At least the "Real" story according to G.

Driving home from work today, cell phone rings - caller ID "G"

Is your mom with you?
No. I am just leaving work. I tried to call her this morning and let her know I was sending a Bday package to Sister if she wanted to put in a note. There wasn't an answer.
I saw your # on caller ID, I was just hoping she was with you. She is gone again. Her clothes and few belongings.
Sorry, not with me.

(And he swears this time the divorce will be final, he is sick of this shit, she just uses him, blah blah blah - lets see what he does.......)

Oh and he decided to tell me what happened with the car accident (probably b/c I asked if he was okay and he couldn't lie to me)

Mom "lent" her car to her dealer last week for drugs. She was supposed to get it back and the guy was giving her trouble. She called G on Saturday (from a liquor store) and said she needed his help to get her car back. The dealers would be at a funeral and that is also where her car would be. Supposedly he got jacked in the face in the process of getting the car back. That is where his injury occured. Then she wanted $ from him and he said "No lets just get home". She was following him home and then she took off at an exit. He didn't turn around at the next exit - he wouldn't find her and he knew what she was up to, so he just went home. He received a call from her at the Hospital Monday am and that is when he called me.

Ugghh.... What a world this is! There are just so many things out there that I have no clue about. And really, I shouldn't. Just leave it to my Mom to be the one to teach me about them.....

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