Monday, October 27, 2008

Divorce Papers again?

Today I received a phone call (caller ID said Gcell) that I chose to ignore. It was mom wanting to know if I could notarize the divorce papers for her and G. We are serious this time she says. I had already left work to take my sick baby to the Dr. and didn't have my seal with me so I didn't call her back until later that evening. G said she was gone to her apt, maybe I would catch her tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

While mom was in the hospital, she requested to help us get the boys ready for Halloween. I told her that would be great, or if she wasn't up to it, we could come by her place on the way to trick-or-treating.

She called to let me know she was home from the hospital and that she had received my invitation to O's 1st Bday party on Sunday. She promised she would be there. Didn't mention a word about Halloween. I didn't either......

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pacemaker Problems

So it seems that mom did not follow the Dr. orders after her pacemaker was installed. She did too much and caused a wire to come loose. The loose wire was resting on her diaphragm and that is what was causing the hiccup-like jolts she was feeling. So back to surgery she goes......

She made it through, but said "I am sure going to watch myself this time! It is much more painful the 2nd time around."

Turns out, she had an infection. Had to spend a few more days in the hospital on IV antibiotics. She was finally released sometime around the 24th - 25th. Wouldn't know, since she didn't call. Not really a surprise anymore.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here I am.....

Well the next morning, she just shows up at the house. Says she was at the ER all evening and night and something must be wrong with her pacemaker. She says come here and hug me, you can feel it. Sure enough, she was getting jolted like she had really bad hiccups.

The ER said the pacemaker was fine and couldn't find anything wrong with her. The jolts would come and go. After she "proved" to us that she wasn't out using, she was just at the hospital, she scurried out the door as fast as she could. Again, no interaction with her grandbabies......

She smelled like alcohol even though she claimed to be sober. Once again, I don't believe her....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now what happened?

Daughter #2 was in town from college this weekend. Mom actually remembered, called, and made plans to get together. Hmm..... Okay we will go with it.

Saturday evening comes, Daughter #2 shows up at Mom's apt. and no one is there.

Of course, we are pissed! MIA again......

Monday, October 6, 2008

She Needs Money for a Hotel Room?

Tonight mom showed up while we were eating dinner. I went to answer the door and stepped out on the front porch. She said, "Honey, I am in big trouble." (Uh Oh, now what is all I could think - well actually I was seriously afraid for a moment that she hurt G).

She said her and G got into a huge fight and she grabbed her keys and ran. She didn't even have her purse or ID on her. She said G was probably calling the police on her now since she was driving w/o an ID.

She said "I need one of my checks. I don't care if it has to be paid back, I need to get some rest away from the men. Just enough for a Hotel room. I am going right up the street and checking in."

What could I do - It is her money. I gave her a check and she left right away. She didn't want to step in the house, but I made her. She didn't really say much to the boys (you know, her grandchildren), but did at least say hi to Z.

I tried to get her to stay on our couch, but she said "Now you know that I wouldn't feel comfortable with that and neither would you. Lets not kid ourselves here." I wouldn't have offered if I didn't mean it....... I also asked if she just wanted to talk, she snapped back "About what" I said "Anything, anything at all". She actually smiled and said "Thanks, but not right now."

She also said some other hateful things - That I don't have to worry about calling Grandma and "telling on her" for cashing a check, she would call herself and tell on herself. Like we are trying to control her and her money or something - we were just looking out for her......

She was not the least bit sober and was a bit wobbly on her feet. I just let her go - what can I do?

After she left I wondered how she was going to cash that check at 6pm???

About 30 - 45 minutes later she shows back up with the check in one hand and her ID in the other. Schnucks would not cash the check for her (she says). (And I am really confused how she got her ID - supposedly she ran out of the house w/o it). She wants me to do it for her.

I tell her that I can deposit in our account, but we have a limit on our ATM withdraws and I cannot take out the whole amount in one day. She says "No problem, I only need enough for a hotel room."

I stayed home with her and sent DH out to the bank for her. While he was out, she sat on the couch with Z & O. Z talked with her and it seemed that she was enjoying the boys company, but as soon as the $ showed up, she was gone. : (

Do I think she went to a hotel? No. I really don't.