Monday, October 6, 2008

She Needs Money for a Hotel Room?

Tonight mom showed up while we were eating dinner. I went to answer the door and stepped out on the front porch. She said, "Honey, I am in big trouble." (Uh Oh, now what is all I could think - well actually I was seriously afraid for a moment that she hurt G).

She said her and G got into a huge fight and she grabbed her keys and ran. She didn't even have her purse or ID on her. She said G was probably calling the police on her now since she was driving w/o an ID.

She said "I need one of my checks. I don't care if it has to be paid back, I need to get some rest away from the men. Just enough for a Hotel room. I am going right up the street and checking in."

What could I do - It is her money. I gave her a check and she left right away. She didn't want to step in the house, but I made her. She didn't really say much to the boys (you know, her grandchildren), but did at least say hi to Z.

I tried to get her to stay on our couch, but she said "Now you know that I wouldn't feel comfortable with that and neither would you. Lets not kid ourselves here." I wouldn't have offered if I didn't mean it....... I also asked if she just wanted to talk, she snapped back "About what" I said "Anything, anything at all". She actually smiled and said "Thanks, but not right now."

She also said some other hateful things - That I don't have to worry about calling Grandma and "telling on her" for cashing a check, she would call herself and tell on herself. Like we are trying to control her and her money or something - we were just looking out for her......

She was not the least bit sober and was a bit wobbly on her feet. I just let her go - what can I do?

After she left I wondered how she was going to cash that check at 6pm???

About 30 - 45 minutes later she shows back up with the check in one hand and her ID in the other. Schnucks would not cash the check for her (she says). (And I am really confused how she got her ID - supposedly she ran out of the house w/o it). She wants me to do it for her.

I tell her that I can deposit in our account, but we have a limit on our ATM withdraws and I cannot take out the whole amount in one day. She says "No problem, I only need enough for a hotel room."

I stayed home with her and sent DH out to the bank for her. While he was out, she sat on the couch with Z & O. Z talked with her and it seemed that she was enjoying the boys company, but as soon as the $ showed up, she was gone. : (

Do I think she went to a hotel? No. I really don't.

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