Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow - it has really been a long time since I have posted. That is actually a good thing. It has been really quiet around here with Mom until recently.....

That shot/pill to make people stop drinking really is a "Miracle Drug" - but it's too damn expensive for the people that need it. And unfortunately, Mom was just using that and not working on her behavorial side. But, it worked while it lasted!

A few weeks ago, Mom moved out of G's again. She is living with the Barber in a camper on the side of the Hwy. (Yes, I said a camper!) She just goes back and forth between the two men.... G made two drop-ins to bring over Mom's stuff and bitch about her leaving. Haven't heard from him since then.

I bought food for Mom through the Angel Food Ministries (actually, G paid me back) I brought it over to her on Sunday after church (6/28). It was the first time I saw the trailer. Two days later, she called me and wanted me to come over and see where she is living. I said "I was just there. Don't you remember?" Her response was "When? I don't remember." When I told her I dropped food off to her, and asked how she thought she got the food, she said "Oh, you were here Sunday. That food was great." She seemed out-of-it when I saw her, but I didn't know why, now I know she was "out of it".

Mom got a cell phone with prepaid minutes, but that only lasted a week. She called us girls until her minutes ran out. One of the family dogs was sick last week and Mom just left town with the Barber and had A go by and check on the deathly ill dog - it was horrible. On Monday, when she got back to town, A drove over to check on the dog and Mom. Mom was on her way walking towards the Barber Shop. A picked her up and Mom was actually going to the liquor store next to the BarberShop. A said she just bought 1 beer and said "Forgive me, my dog is dying. I need a beer." A told her she didn't need any excuses, it is what is is and I am going home.

I just received a phonecall from the Barber cell phone. Figured it was Mom. Nope, it was the Barber looking for Mom. She has been gone for 2 days with his truck. Said she left during the night when he was asleep. He has no vehicle and is walking to and from the BarberShop to work. He didn't say, but I am sure she took his money too. Hopefully, we hear something soon....

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