Friday, July 10, 2009

Escaped Jail this time

G just called. Let me know that Mom called him this morning to come pick her up from the City. She crack-leased the Barber's truck and they wrecked it. Took out two innocent cars in the process. She actually had G drop her off at the Barber's camper. G said he told her we were worried and she should call, but I haven't heard from her today. G acted surprised - I am not.

Until about a year ago, I didn't even know you could "crack-lease" your car - Now I know you don't get them back. Mom has gone through 4 of her own vehicles that I know about and now the Barber's too. What a shame!

I am sure this has been said many times, but if only these addicts could use their smart/manipulative maneuvers in a positive way - I bet they would be very successful!

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Fractalmom said...

well, ya know. you got albert einstein on one list, ted bundy and the unabomber on another...and then the addicts, most of whom are brilliant..they just didn't bother to whatever it takes to put them on the einstein list. course, they aren't on the bundy list either.