Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Miracle Shot? Yea right....

Turns out Mom was in the hospital for a week. We thought she was being discharged the day I spoke with her. They thought she had internal bleeding, but could not find it. She finally checked herself out of the country hospital and came to one here in town. They said the test results were coming up that way b/c her gallbladder was acting up again. No one called us....

She calls me Friday and says she made us Chili, but can't drive it over. I told her I would come over tomorrow.

Saturday while the boys were napping, I went over there. She looked pretty good and was absolutely sober. I had a really nice visit (Though there is always that empty feeling that she doesn't even know her grandkids - better that way with the way she runs her life).

I find out that G took her to get some shot that supposedly "cures" the alcoholic. G was quite convinced and Mom was sober. She claimed that she could just walk right past a drink and wasn't even craving it. I am thinking there is NO WAY there is just a shot that cures all of this crap!

I did a small amount of research to figure out she was taking Vivitrol. And it takes a lot of behavioral therapy along with the shot. I immediately thought, what a bummer G wasted all that money.

So Mom calls me Tuesday morning and left a voicemail. She stated that she needed A's address, but wouldn't be back until around 1pm b/c she would be at her program. She calls me back around 12:40. The Barber had owed her some $, but gave her a car instead. Oops - he should have known better. I asked about the program and she said she was enrolled for the week and it was great. She really liked it. After the phone call, I sort of wondered how she was already home when she called it was before 1pm. Whatever... I got back to work.

That evening I dropped off tax paperwork for the Barber. He told me that G had just called him and gave him the business that he should have never gave Mom a car. Mom went to the City and blah blah blah. He was worried. Again, whatever.....

Then I get home and G calls the house "Is your Mom there?" Of course not - is she ever here. Then he just went off - he threw her out, the divorce is final now, she never even went to the program, went to the city as soon as she had keys to the car and then called him to bring her $ for crack and gas, blah blah...... Says apparently that shot only worked for the alcohol addiction. NO SHIT - REALLY??

Haven't heard from anyone since then. He was convinced she had crack leased the car and would freeze to death on a doorstep before she would come home. Maybe so. What can I do about it. Unfortunately, Nothing. Wish there was a Miracle Shot!


Fractalmom said...

me too. i'm thinking the only magic shot that will work is one to the head.


mother of drug addict said...

You can worry all you want and it won't change a thing. She will get help when only WHEN SHE IS READY. Try not to let yourself get sick over this. I have been that route and it is not fun. But this is easier said than done. And anybody who thinks 1 shot will cure them isnt even thinking straight. Good luck to you.