Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Drama Never Ends.....

A had told me that she had 2 missed calls from the BarberShop. She figured it might be Mom and called back. It was the Barber. He wanted to let her know that Mom was with him in the Country (well by herself all week b/c he comes here to work), but he was checking on her each night. He also wanted her to know that Mom was doing well and that she was down to 1 bottle of wine a day. Right, whatever..... that is just what she tells him I am sure.

This morning I received a phone call from the Barber. He was calling to let me know that Mom had fallen down his stairs and cut open her head. She was in the hospital (again) and he gave me the phone number. He said she couldn't call long distance and really wanted to hear from me.

I stared at the phone number for awhile before I decided to call. She answered after several rings and said she had been sleeping. She had gotten out of bed to get another glass of wine b/c she couldn't sleep. Apparently the basement steps are right by the refridgerator and she just stumbled. Since the house is "under construction", there wasn't anything to grab onto like a railing, so down she went. She was out cold for a little while - she doesn't know how long b/c she was there by herself. She crawled to a neighbor and they called 911 for her. She has a minor concussion and staples in her head.

She said "I am so glad you called, I really miss you girls!". She told me what she had been up to for the past week - staying in the country at the Barber's house. She had her dog with her too. She said her and the Barber were going to give it another try (that might be like the 100th try!!)

We had a really great conversation. I was on the phone almost an hour! It was just like talking to "Mom" again. She listened and offered advice. She was concerned about my DH wrist/surgery. She asked about the boys. It was all genuine - she didn't want something from me this time. Unfortunately, I took it for just that - a nice talk with Mom. I know that nothing will change - I know not to get my hopes up.

I told A what had happened and that she might want to give Mom a call while we knew where she was and there was a phone# attached to her. I am pretty sure she didn't call. She is still VERY angry with Mom and the whole situation. I try not to be angry b/c it just upsets me. We shall see what happens next.


Fractalmom said...

you are right. the drama never ends. it follows them like they are freakin drama magnets. even when sober they still attract drama. i really don't get it either.

and the anger, well, i've been waiting for 10 years now and am still angry.

my thoughts are with you.

Daughter A said...

Thank You!