Saturday, January 10, 2009

Divorce is Back On

Wonder how many times I will post that statement? (I really would like to see his lawyer's face each time he makes that call too)

Came home from a hair appointment this morning and saw a truck in my driveway. Oh Great, it's G. "Divorce is back on. I am calling the lawyer on Monday. She is gone with the Barber again." Then proceeds to rip on the Barber and tell me about Mom and her horrible doings. He repeated the car crash story. He also had carpal tunnel surgery last week and said he only got 2 of his pain pills before she got a hold of them. None of this surprises me.

She did that to me years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth removed. When I asked her "What do I do when it hurts?" She responded "We just call the dentist, tell him you are in major pain and we get more." And that is just what she did too. Back then, I didn't even know she had a problem - wow was I blind! Actually, I wasn't blind just naive - I was also away at college for 5 years and it was being kept from me.

G says "I am sorry to involve you in this. I just thought you and your sister would like her pictures so they don't get ruined. Your mother doesn't take care of them"

My ass he is sorry to involve me. That is just what he was trying to do. My life would not have ended if he didn't drive those two boxes of pictures over here. He just wanted to have the chance for a bitch fest. I edged my way towards the house and said "I have to take Z to Disney on Ice. Thanks for the pictures." He got the hint and left.

A and I had a great time going through the pictures. We even found her baby book, she didn't think she had. It was so wierd though. Almost like she was already gone and we were trying to preserve what we had left. Hmmm.....

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