Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Tonight we got together with the family for January Bdays. We went to a Buffet for dinner. I called Mom and left a message with the plans and the time. Didn't really think she would come. We were all seated and starting to get our food when she showed up. I couldn't believe it.

I also couldn't believe what she looked like. She looks like she is dying. There is no question in my mind. It hurts so bad to see her that way. She has gained a lot of weight - which hopefully means the crack is gone by the wayside. But, it probably just means she has cut back (not by choice, but because she has no transportation or money). She has been drinking so heavily that the doctor's have already cautioned her about her liver and kidneys. They also tell her she has COPD. She is just so puffy like water weight. She was nodding off at the table, said she just took her meds before she came. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was so short of breath. Her and G brought Christmas presents in and the walk to the car and back inside made her weeze. She was soo shaky too. So sad.

We all got TomToms for Christmas. I thanked G. It wasn't necessary and he knew that. Doesn't matter, he does it every year. Then he told me that he got one too, but no longer has a car to put it in. Says that Mom totalled his car last week, completely drunk and even hollering at the police that she was sober. He is driving a Company truck for now. What a mess! Says he didn't tell me b/c she was okay and that was what mattered.

Whatever. It seems that A and I were better off not knowing. She didn't want us to know.

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